The “Bee All You Can Bee” curriculum is a comprehensive, theme based preschool curriculum.  The curriculum is designed to develop and support the development of the whole child and to provide opportunities and experiences to support all developmental domains (cognitive, motor, adaptive, personal/social and communication.  Additionally, the curriculum focuses on soft skills and character development.  These soft skills and character development skills revolve around communication, relating with others and self-discipline.  It is intended that these soft skills and character development skills are not only explicitly taught but are also embedded into the day to day activities within the classroom. The curriculum also encourages self-care and healthy habits.  Further, because our children are part of a greater community, it is a goal that the curriculum encourages community involvement.

Bee All You Can BEE is a unique curriculum that will help your school rise to the top!

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted”

Dawn Lantero

“Play is the highest form of research”

Albert Einstein

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning”

Mr. Rogers